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Update 12: Volume 12, Number 1 — January-March 1998

Prescription death: Oregon struggles to implement new law

Professional PAS guidelines issued
A question of degree… and much more
Learning from the Dutch
Offering death to Oregon’s poor as comfort care

More PAS Guidebook Quotes

Ruling in Lee v. Oregon delayed

Final word on DEA ruling pending

Not Dead Yet protests Hemlock Society’s euthanasia policy

Commentary: Killing the Dying Is Not Palliative Care by Eric M. Chevlen, M.D.

Michigan: Battlelines forming over assisted-suicide issue

Merian’s Friends wants PAS on ballot and Kevorkian out of the picture
Kevorkian scorns timid prosecutors
Kevorkian’s master plan
The sorcerer’s apprentice
Death on demand
Michigan Legislature passes ban

Reported KEVORKIAN VICTIMS since last Update

News Notes: Canada

News Notes: Washington State

News Notes: Florida

News Notes: New York

Update 13: Volume 12, Number 2 — April-June 1998

Reno reverses DEA ruling

Ruling flawed
Law restricts oversight

Bill to Ban Assisted Suicide Introduced in Congress

Assisted Suicide Battle Heats up in Michigan

Merian’s Friends submits initiative signatures
Opposition mounts
Hemlock Society helps launch campaign as Not Dead Yet protests

Poll Shows Support for Assisted Suicide Slipping

Kevorkian Adds Kidney Harvesting to Assisted Suicide Agenda

Latest Kevorkian Victims

Research in Review

Doctors surveyed on induced deaths
Big drop in support for assisted suicide and euthanasia among cancer specialists
Pain not primary factor in assisted suicide or euthanasia requests
Cost-conscious doctors more likely to participate in assisted suicides

Researcher changes stand on assisted suicide

News Notes

Canadian physician convicted of assisted suicide
Potassium chloride death still under investigation in Canada
British doctor charged with mercy killing
Australia’s Dr. Death developing suicide pill
Kevorkian’s attorney wants to be Michigan’s governor
Hawaiian panel urges legalization of euthanasia and assisted suicide

Update 14: Volume 12, Number 3 — July-October 1998

Measure to legalize assisted suicide in Michigan on November ballot

A war of words
The campaign
A closer look at Proposal B

Shedding Light on Michigan’s Proposal B

Kevorkian’s lawyer runs as Democratic nominee for governor

Kevorkian to go on trial again

Oregon issues sketchy first report on assisted suicide deaths

Federal judge reluctantly dismisses suicide law case

Congressional bills to ban lethal prescriptions spark debate

Excerpts from House Judiciary Subcommittee Testimony on H.R. 4006

In favor of H.R. 4006
In opposition to H.R. 4006

Excerpts from Senate Judiciary Committee Testimony on S. 2151

In favor of S. 2151
In opposition to S. 2151

Research in Review

Doctors who induce patients’ deaths often don’t follow proposed guidelines
Attitudes of ALS patients and caregivers toward assisted suicide
8-step protocol proposed for evaluating patients who request assisted suicide

News Notes

Hugh Finn dies in Virginia after food and water withdrawn
Mary Martin says disabled husband could be an organ donor
Hospice administrator helps healthy elderly woman die
Germany: Hospice accuses Medical Council of promoting assisted death
Australian doctor announces plans for euthanasia clinic
Chicago doctor on leave of absence after suspected euthanasia death
Not Dead Yet founder receives national award

Update 15: Volume 12, Number 4 — November-December 1998

Kevorkian faces murder and other charges

First jury conviction
Packaging murder
Kevorkian charged with murder
State to charge Kevorkian, too

Michigan voters overwhelmingly reject assisted suicide measure
Proposal B Vote demographics

Oregon adopts official policy to cover assisted suicide measure

Commentary: Futile Care: Who Decides? by Wesley J. Smith

Commentary: Productive in His Own Way by George T. Crane


Australian doctor claims 15 euthanasia deaths


Latimer’s light sentence overturned
Crown drops murder case against Canadian doctor


British psychiatrists polled on euthanasia
Coma patient’s experience highlights danger of euthanasia
British doctor pleads not guilty in euthanasia case


Dutch physician says euthanasia abuse widespread

New Zealand

New Zealand sets precedent in “futile care”case


Distress declared justification for assisted suicide and euthanasia

News Notes

Dr. Eugene Turner charged with murder in death of infant
Hemlock co-founder says economics will drive acceptance of assisted suicide
Alaskan law prohibiting assisted suicide challenged in court