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“Montanans Against Assisted Suicide: New law would protect vulnerable, disabled and elderly”
(Daily Montanan — February 3, 2023)
Anita Cameron rushed to her mother’s bedside in Washington, coming from Colorado to be with her.
The doctor said her mother’s body was shutting down, after battling chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.  Maybe she had a few days left.  Cameron sad the doctor offered medication that would hasten her mother’s death.
Instead, Cameron took her mother back to Colorado.
Her mother died 12 years later.
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“Counterpoint: All lives matter, even the lives of the dying”
(Star Tribune — February 3, 23)
“My medical experience has taught me that patients who are suffering at the end-of-life are in need of more compassion and care than being sent home with a bottle of pills to end their lives because we have communicated to them that they are a burden.
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“Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) Activity Book”
According to the National Post, the assisted suicide “Activity Book” is funded by the Canadian government.  It was first published in July 2022 by the group Canadian Virtual Hospice.
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“New York Approves Human Composting Law”
(Time — December 31, 2022)
Governor Kathy Hochul signed legislation on Saturday, December 30, to legalize natural organic reduction, popularly known as human composting, making New York the sixth state in the nation to allow that method of burial…
“The end result is a heaping cubic yard of nutrient-dense soil …that can be used to plant trees or enrich conservation land, forests, or gardens.”
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“My dad tried to call me on the day of his suicide — but I missed it”
(Metro — December 4, 2022)
“The biggest ‘what if for me will always be the phone call that I missed on the day of my dad’s death….
“As a dad myself now, with the responsibility of a family and the daily stresses of work, I can understand how it’s possible for someone to get to a point where they feel like they’re drowning and there’s no way out. But that’s why it’s so important to have a network around you that you can talk to….
“Although I’ve come to terms with my dad’s death, my biggest regret in life is not picking  up that phone call so I could tell my dad how much I love him and that we’d get him through whatever he was battling.”
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“Former paralympian tells MPs veterans department offered her assisted death”
(CBC News — December 1, 2022)
Retired corporal Christine Gauthier, explained that she had been fighting for a home wheelchair ramp for five years.  But she has not received that assistance.
Instead she was offered death in a letter saying, “[I]f you’re so desperate, madam, we can offer you MAID” [medical assistance in dying].
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“What Is the ‘Blue Whale Challenge’?
What Parents Need To Know About This Dangerous Social Media Trend”
(Parade — November 14, 2022)
In the social media age, trends go viral so quickly, it can be hard to keep up.  While this can be confusing when you see a new dance everyone’s suddenly doing that seems to come out of nowhere, the access to trends and speed at which they spread can also be incredibly dangerous–which brings us to the Blue Whale Challenge.
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The Latest PRC Update (2022 – Volume 36, No. 2)
The Update is the PRC’s newsletter.

“‘Observation status’ can be a tricky issue for Medicare recipients”
(Pittsburgh Post-gazette — August 29, 2022)
Generally, when a Medicare patient enters a  hospital, it’s often through the emergency department, with the patient in some degree of distress.

Then, a physician has to determine whether or not to discharge the patient from the emergency department, admit that individual as an inpatient or put them in “observation status” [outpatient status] without being formally admitted to the hospital.

It’s not just semantics as to the patient’s status.  There can be serious financial implications for the patient who is considered under the “observation status” rubric.

[Even though the patient on observation may be in the same room as one who is admitted as an in-patient, and even though both are having physical and mental assessments, feedings, drug administration, etc. there can be a huge and very expensive difference.  The patient who is on observation status may have to pay out-of- pocket costs that one on in-patient status may not.]
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“Canada is Euthanizing Its Sick and Poor. Welcome to the World of Government Health Care”
(Daily Signal –August 24, 2022)
According to the Associated Press, a 61-year-old man died of euthanasia after a one month waiting period.  He was said to be suffering from hearing loss.

Also, according to AP, another man was so unnerved by his hospital’s health care providers discussing euthanasia with him that he started to record conversations. During one reported conversation, the hospital’s director of ethics tried to guilt him into thinking about the cost of his hospital stay.  The director told him it would cost “north of $1,500 a day.”

Global News Canada reported that a Canadian military veteran, pursuing treatment for PTSD and a brain injury was told, completely unprovoked, that he could receive medical assistance in dying by a Veterans Affairs Canada agent.

Canada is already beginning to consider allowing so-called mature minors to end their lives by Medical Aid in Dying.
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Who will speak for you?
Imagine you are very seriously ill or are in an accident tomorrow and so severely injured that you aren’t able to communicate about your health care wishes for several weeks. Who would make health care decisions for you during that time?

Every person from the age of 18 and older should have a well written durable power of attorney for health care in which they have named an individual they know and trust, who agrees with their views and values, and who can be assertive on their behalf.

To obtain a durable power of attorney for health care called the Protective Medical Decisions Document (PMDD) that complies with the law of the state in which you are a resident, call the Patients Rights Council (800-958-5678 or 740-282-3810) between 8:30am and 4:30pm (eastern time).
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States that have transformed the crime of assisted suicide into a “medical treatment.”

Attempts to legalize euthanasia or assisted suicide in the United States since 1994.

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“Art Imitates Life — Inside the Insidious World of Elder Guardianships”
(Diane Dimond — February 27, 2021)
“I found a myriad of actual cases, nationwide, in which that original petition for guardianship was grossly exaggerated and, in some cases, completely fabricated.  But once a judge accepts such a petition and the senior becomes a “ward of the court,” it is next to impossible to undo.  Guardians, often paid hundreds of dollars an hour, and those they hire on to attend to the elderly are paid out of the ward’s life savings.  It is a cottage industry of elder law attorneys, guardians, caregivers, real estate agents and others who feast on the spoils of the ward’s life after guardianship takes hold.”
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Have you heard about VSED?  
It stands for voluntarily stopping eating and drinking. VSED is being promoted by assisted-suicide activists who are also working to force health care providers to participate in it.  Important Questions & Answers about VSED

From the bookshelf…
In 1991, Ann Humphry, the co-founder of the Hemlock Society (now called Compassion and Choices) committed suicide. Her death made headlines worldwide.

Prior to her death, Ann contacted Rita Marker, a staunch euthanasia opponent. Over time, the two became close friends, and Ann asked Rita to make public secrets about the right-to-die movement — secrets that had weighed heavily on Ann.

Two years after Ann’s tragic death, the book, Deadly Compassion: The Death of Ann Humphry and the Truth About Euthanasia was published. It recounts Ann’s personal story, the founding of the Hemlock Society, and activities of euthanasia and doctor-prescribed suicide advocates. Thousands of copies of the book were sold in the United States, England, Canada and Australia. (Read excerpts from reviews of the book.)

Now, for the first time, you can read Deadly Compassion in its entirety on line in PDF format.