States that have transformed the crime of assisted suicide into a medical treatment

California (2015)  Passed by legislators

Colorado (2016) Passed by ballot measure

District of Columbia (2016) Passed by members of the Council of District of Columbia

Hawaii (Passed in 2018 — went into effect in 2019) Passed by legislators

Maine (2019) Passed by legislators

New Jersey (2019) Passed by legislators

Oregon (Passed in 1994 — went into effect in 1997) Passed by ballot measure

Vermont (Passed in 2013) Passed by legislators

Washington (Passed in 2008) Passed by ballot measure

Montana — Assisted suicide has not been technically legalized.  However, according to a 2009 court case, a doctor who is accused of violating the law against assisted suicide can use the patient’s consent as a legal defense.