Assisted Suicide & Death with Dignity: Past, Present & Future

by Rita L. Marker

Table of Contents



Right to Die Organizations

Oldest U.S. euthanasia organization calls it quits (view)

Euthanasia Society of America (view)
Spin off: Euthanasia Educational Council
New names: Society for the Right to Die and Concern for Dying
Reunification: Choice in Dying
A kinder gentler image: Partnership for Caring
Last Acts as the last act

From “Hemlock” to “Compassion and Choices” (view)

Hemlock (view)
Spin off: Americans against Human Suffering
ERGO formed
Another spin off: Compassion in Dying
Expectations of success
Hemlock undergoes another “makeover”
Caring Friends program
New name: End-of-Life Choices
Unification: Compassion and Choices

Final Exit Network (view)

Death with Dignity National Center (view)

Endnotes for Part I


Public Opinion

Polls: Measurement or manipulation (view)
Oregon as a model (view)

Oregon: The “poster state”

Official reports do not tell the whole story (view)
Other troubling aspects of Oregon’s law (view)

Endnotes for Part II


International Perspectives

Australia (view)

Death by Laptop (view)
“You don’t need a doctor”

The Netherlands (view)

Dutch physicians led the way (view)
Euthanasia and assisted suicide legalized

Belgium (view)

Other Countries (view)


Endnotes for Part III