“Portugal President Signs Law Legalising Euthanasia”
(Barron’s — May 16, 2023)
Portugal’s conservative President Marcelo de Sousa on Tuesday signed into law a bill decriminalising euthanasia adopted by parliament last week, after a painstaking legislative process…
The final version of the “medically assisted dying” law was adopted last Friday with 129 votes in favour in the 230-seat parliament, including those of the ruling Socialist Party…
The final version of the law states that euthanasia is only allowed in cases where “medically assisted suicide is impossible due to a physical incapacitation of the patient.”

“Portuguese parliament votes to allow limited euthanasia”
(BBC — May 12, 2023)
Medical professionals will be allowed to help people die, if they are in extreme suffering as a result of an incurable disease or severe injury and they are unable to end their own lives.

“Portugal: Communists firmly oppose euthanasia”
(BioEdge — June 2, 2018)
The vote failed because the communist Party opposes euthanasia.

“Portugal parliament rejects legal euthanasia in divisive vote”
(Reuters — May 29, 2018)
Portugal’s parliament rejected on Tuesday a bill that would have legalized voluntary euthanasia for terminal patients in the Catholic-majority country by a narrow margin, but it secured enough support to ensure continued debate on the issue.