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A bill, HB 0122, titled “Death with Dignity,” was drafted by Representatives Zwonitzer and Pelkey in January 2017.  The House did not consider it for introduction.
Text of HB 0122.

A bill, HB 0119, titled “Death with Dignity,” was introduced in Wyoming by Representatives Zwonitzer and Connolly.
Text of HB 0119.
On February 9, 2015, the bill was quickly and unanimously tabled with the committee recommending that the issue be studied by a future interim committee.

Sen. Keith Goodenough (D-Casper) announced in January 2004 that he would introduce an assisted suicide law. Goodenough’s proposal mirrored Oregon’s law that transformed the crime of assisted suicide into a medical treatment in that state.
Text of Goodenough’s “Death with Dignity” bill.

On February 12, 2004 the bill (S.F. No. 0007) overwhelmingly failed in committee.