A bill to legalize assisted suicide, called “Medical Aid in Dying” (HB 1649), was introduced in Virginia in January 2020.
Text of bill
The bill has been Continued to 2021 in Courts of Justice

The “Death with Dignity Act” (HB 2713) was introduced in Virginia on January 15, 2019.
Text of HB 2713
The bill was left in the House Court of Justice Committee on February 5, 2019.

“NDY Public Comment to Virginia Joint Commission on Health Care Opposing Assisted Suicide Legislation”
(October 15, 2018)
For all of these reasons [included in this public comment] Not Dead Yet urges you to vote no on Policy Option 2 and decline to recommend that an assisted suicide bill be introduced in Virginia.  The dangers of mistakes, coercion and abuse are simply too high.

Virginia Passes Futile Care Law
(February 2018)
SB 222 and HB 226 have passed. 
The legislation gives health care providers the right to withhold or withdraw life-sustaining treatment without consent or even against the wishes of the patient or the patient’s designated decision maker.
The new law is virtually identical to the futile care policies and law in Texas with one exception.  The Virginia law gives families the right to a court review.
“Life-sustaining treatment” is defined as “any ongoing health care that utilizes mechanical or other artificial means to sustain, restore, or supplant a spontaneous vital function, including hydration, nutrition, maintenance medication, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.”  (§ 54.1-2990)
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