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Update 56: Volume 25, Number 1 – Year 2011. Number 1 (View as PDF)

New round of 2011 doctor-prescribed suicide bills introduced in targeted states

New Hampshire

Our name has changed, but not our mission

Assisted suicide advocacy: rhetoric or reality?

Final Exit Network in the news again

Oregon releases skimpiest annual report yet on assisted-suicide deaths

For Kevorkian, killing was a path to fame and fortune by Wesley J. Smith

Belgian doctors harvest organs after euthanasia

Labeling euthanasia a big problem in Belgium

Scotland, France, Israel reject euthanasia bills

News briefs from home and abroad…

Oregon’s Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program ranked last among all states
European Court of Human Rights rules in assisted suicide case
England: Calls for changes in law

Update 57: Volume 25, Number 2 – Year 2011, Number 2  (View as PDF)

2011 bills dealing with assisted suicide

Defeated measures
Bills still pending
Bills that advocates did not like

Good news and bad news for patients

Doctor-Prescribed Suicide: Some Questions We Need to Ask

Washington issues 2nd annual report on doctor-prescribed deaths

Oregon connection
Recipe for elder abuse
When choice becomes no choice

News briefs from home & abroad

Diane Meier, M.D. addresses assisted suicide during VT forum
Growing number of elder abuse cases
Oregon man dies after using a mail order helium-hood kit
Farewell Foundation challenges Canadian law on assisted suicide
British woman dies of assisted suicide to avoid dying of old age
Court in India protects woman’s right to continue living

Update 58: Volume 25, Number 3 – Year 2011, Number 3 (View as PDF)

Jack Kevorkian: It was never about the patient’s best interest

Poll reveals disabled people’s fear of assisted suicide

Kevorkian: A Dark Mirror on Society by Wesley J. Smith

No action on Vermont prescribed-suicide bill

FBI probe shuts down suicide kit business

What family is all about by Jason Negri

News briefs from home & abroad

Gallup’s 2011 Values and Beliefs poll
Suffolk University Political Research Center poll
Columnist calls for doctor-prescribed suicide for dementia patients
Time Magazine calls for doctor-prescribed suicide to save money for families
Seattle publication instructs readers on how to commit suicide with a plastic bag
Dutch dementia patients being euthanized by lethal injection
Belgian doctors harvesting organs from euthanized patients
BBC airs programs favoring legalized assisted suicide