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Update 52: Volume 24, Number 1 – Year 2010. Number 1 (View as PDF)

Special Report:  In the name of health care reform

Basic services & basic standards
Advance care planning & end-of-life care
Key words not defined
Uncertainties about funding & participation
Patient decision aids
Reading, writing & comprehensive health services

Montana Supreme court rules physician-assisted suicide not illegal in state

Supreme Court’s majority ruling
The dissenting opinion
Majority opinion contrary to other high court rulings
Battle moves to legislature ew Hampshire

News briefs from home and abroad…

New Hampshire kills assisted suicide bill
Angus Reid poll shows support
Dutch Health Minister says legalization was a mistake
Campaign for expanded euthanasia i The Netherlands
Swiss referendum on suicide tourism pending
Parents in UK “helped” their children die
Scottish lawmaker angry over committee decision
French Parliament rejects euthanasia bill

Update 53: Volume 24, Number 2 – Year 2010. Number 2 (View as PDF)

Special Report:  Health Care Law: New Words, Same Meaning

Assisted-suicide advocacy group claims victory
Offensive phrases in earlier drafts
ObamaCare, the NHS and “NICE”
“Entity” to formulate patient decision tools

Current medical decision-making terms and tools

Canadian Parliament kills euthanasia/assisted-suicide bill

Oregon & Washington issue 2009 assisted-suicide reports

Oregon’s 2009 report
Washington’s 2009 PAS report
Chart: Reported Assisted-Suicide Deaths in Oregon & Washington State

News briefs from home and abroad…

Swiss assisted-suicide clinic Dignitas dumps human remains in Lake Zurich
Assisted suicide and euthanasia in Belgium

Update 54: Volume 24, Number 3 – Year 2010. Number 3 (View as PDF)

Assisted-suicide group loses in Connecticut, sets sights on Idaho

Blick et al v. Connecticut
Court ruling
Tucker’s reaction to defeat
Idaho: C & C’s next targeted state

Competing Montana bills planned for 2011

Proposed Oregon for-profit, assisted-suicide clinic…and other signs of the “slippery slope”

Final Exit Network tries billboard advertising

Death in Europe: When laws no longer matter

Great Britain
The Netherlands

News briefs from home and abroad…

British Royal Society of Medicine says no to assisted suicide
Legal status of suicide tourism in Switzerland
Dutch euthanasia and assisted suicide deaths jump 13%
Quebec holding public hearings on assisted suicide
Hong Kong:  Man who sought help to die goes home, exited about his new life

Death of Paul Longmore is a huge loss to disability community and many, many others

Update 55: Volume 24, Number 4 – Year 2010. Number 4 (View as PDF)

It’s official: Vermont next state targeted for assisted-suicide bill in 2011

Suicide advocates advertise to lure members

Compassion & Choices’ role in official suicide reports confirmed

Oregon hospices say no to assisted suicide participation

Suicide advocates blitz Montana

Oregon hospices right not to cooperate with assisted suicide

Euthanasia & assisted suicide hotly debated in Australia & Canada

Dignitas director calls for assisted suicide for relatives

We’re changing our name

News briefs from home and abroad…

Parliamentary committee in Scotland rejects attempt to legalize euthanasia
Canadian support for euthanasia has fallen in all regions
International Pain Summit declares pain alleviation to be a fundamental right
Final Exit Network considers encouraging more youth to join

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