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Update 47: Volume 23, Number 1 – Year 2009. Number 1 (View as PDF)

One judge’s ruling makes assisted suicide instantly legal in Montana

State appeals & moves to stay ruling
Montana assisted-suicide bill to be introduced in legislature

Washington State prepares for assisted suicides


Expanded assisted-suicide bills introduced in Hawaii & New Hampshire

New Hampshire

Versions of California’s “Right to Know” law surface in Arizona & Maryland

News briefs from home & abroad . . .

Update 48: Volume 23, Number 2 – Year 2009. Number 2 (View as PDF)

Undercover sting operation exposes the assisted-suicide group Final Exit Network

The suicide process
Compassions & Choices tries to distance itself from FEN

Montana & Washington providers say no to PAS

Annual report shows Oregon set new assisted-suicide records in 2008

Studies shed light on PAS practice

Status of state assisted-suicide bills in the US

Dignitas head: Death on demand saves money

Luxembourg legalizes euthanasia

Update 49: Volume 23, Number 3 – Year 2009. Number 3 (View as PDF)

Washington State: First deaths under new assisted-suicide law revealed

More charges filed against Final Exit Network

Overview: Attempts to legalize euthanasia/assisted suicide in the U.S.

ITF submits “friend of the court” brief in Montana Supreme Court appeal

Assisted suicide debate rages is the United Kingdom

Petition to close Dignitas after healthy man dies

Update 50: Volume 23, Number 4 – Year 2009. Number 4 (View as PDF)

Special Report: Can we afford “America’s Affordable Health Choices Act”?

New information revealed about Oregon’s experience with assisted suicide

Oral arguments scheduled in Montana appeal

Washington pharmacists & pharmacies required to dispense lethal drugs

Update 51: Volume 23, Number 5 – Year 2009. Number 5 (View as PDF)

Organized efforts continue to target states for legalized assisted suicide

Pending lawsuits

Baxter v. Montana
Blick v. Connecticut

2009 assisted-suicide bills

New Hampshire – HB 304
Pennsylvania – SB 404

Washington assisted suicides mounting

Canada debates induced-death practices

Recent developments point to emerging death culture in the U.K.

Prosecution guidelines for assisted suicide
Liverpool Care Pathway to death

Hazardous Pathway: The road to euthanasia

News briefs from home and abroad…

British study
Vegetative states