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Update 43: Volume 22, Number 1 – Year 2008, Number 1

Physician-assisted suicide initiative filed in Washington State

Patterned after Oregon’s PAS law
Gardner: Profile of the spokesman
The campaign: A war of words
The opposition
Dangers unique to Washington

Montana suit claims PAS a constitutional right

“The campaign to make suicide a medical treatment” by Rita L. Marker

New assisted-suicide bills introduced in Arizona & Wisconsin

Two European assisted-suicide advocates resort to Kevorkian-style tactics

Swiss hospitals allow on-site assisted suicides amid calls for cost-saving health care rationing

News notes

Canada: Manitoba physicians’ guidelines
Germany: Assisted suicide group plans test court case
Holland: “Auto-euthanasia” in the Netherlands
Colombia rejects euthanasia guidelines
India: Euthanasia bill introduced
Australia & New Zealand: “Dr. Death” arrested
Ireland: Request to extradite George Exoo denied

Update 44: Volume 22, Number 2 – Year 2008, Number 2

Special Report: 10 years under Oregon’s assisted-Suicide law

Annual reports
Oregon PAS from a medical perspective
Tenth annual report for 2007
PAS requests: No symptoms needed

PAS initiative campaign launched in Washington

Campaign funding thus far
Signature gathering

Legislators attempt to camouflage assisted-suicide intent of new bill (Cal. AB 2747)

“Assisted Suicide & the Corruption of Palliative Care” by Wesley J. Smith

News notes

George Exoo (“Reverend Death”)
Belgium euthanasia deaths increase – law may extend to children and demented
Holland: Scientists & psychiatrists publish do-it-yourself suicide manual
Lauren Richardson case
Haleigh Poutre gives dramatic testimony to police

Update 45: Volume 22, Number 3 – Year 2008, Number 3

Message to Washington: Oregon assisted suicide is NOT abuse free

Chronicle of abuses
Annual reports: Not a true reflection of PAS practice
No real safeguards
One difference in Washington
An open invitation

Oregon newspaper says No to I-1000

Costly treatment – NO; Assisted suicide – YES

“The abandonment & cruelty of euthanasia” by Wesley J. Smith

“Right to Know” bill passes CA legislature: likely to come to a state near you

Dutch foundation targets those not eligible under euthanasia law

News notes

Swiss EXIT okays suicide services for those who are tired of living
Baroness Warnock: Elderly should kill themselves rather than be a “nuisance”
Holland: Increase in reported euthanasia and assisted-suicide deathsl
Colombia takes steps to legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide
Australia: Assisted-suicide bill defeated in Victoria Parliament
India: Law Reforms Commission proposes draft bill to legalize euthanasia

Update 46: Volume 22, Number 4 – Year 2008. Number 4

Washington State: Seduced by Oregon’s big lie

The big lie
The campaigns
Implementing a bad law

Oregon’s suicide approach to health care by Rita L. Marker

The road to Seattle
Forcing physicians to lie
Questionable data

Assisted suicide: The wind in their sails by Wesley J. Smith