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Update 35: Volume 20, Number 1 — Year 2006, Number 1

Attorneys in Gonzales v. Oregon take battle to U.S. Supreme Court

The Ashcroft Directive
Lower court rulings
Case argued before high court
Reaction outside the court

Physician-assisted suicide advocates: “Don’t call it ‘suicide'”

Possible “Katrina” euthanasia cases being investigated

Awareness studied in unconscious patients

Switzerland being considered as base for European right-to-die groups

Dignitas opens branch office in Germany

Dignitas investigated

Dutch formalize death for infants and the mentally disabled

Dutch find depression & euthanasia related

British MP drops euthanasia for Oregon-style assisted suicide

International news notes (Canada, Britain, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand

Update 36: Volume 20, Number 2 — Year 2006, Number 2

ITF director debates euthanasia in Ireland

Supreme Court ruling no endorsement of Oregon’s assisted suicide law

The majority ruling
The dissents
Congress has the power to act

Assisted-suicide advocates use high court ruling to advance cause

Oregon issues 2005 PAS report

Documents reportedly point to Katrina euthanasia deaths

Danger Zone by Wesley J. Smith

Close call
Defining dehydratable people

Editor’s update on Haleigh Poutre

International News notes

Belgium – statistics
Belgium – extension of euthanasia
Cambodian deports American assisted-suicide activist
Chinese researcher wants to experiment with euthanasia
Canadian Senator changes stance on euthanasia

Update 37: Volume 20, Number 3 — Year 2006, Number 3

ITF lawyers testify at Congressional hearing


House of Lords blocks assisted-suicide bills: ethical debates rage

The opposition
The debate
Britain’s slippery slope
Assisted-suicide bills die in Vermont and California

Swiss cabinet backs assisted suicide

Residents object to Dignitas’ body bags

Sleeping pill awakens “PVS” patient
“We never say no” by Wesley J. Smith

News notes

Stephen Hawking
Ronald Cranford
Oregon ODHS develops suicide prevention program
Ireland orders extradition of George Exoo
The Netherlands, Belgium and euthanasia for children
Holland will not permit hospital care for homeless people
Study finds that patients-designated surrogates are best decision makers

Update 38: Volume 20, Number 4- Year 2006, Number 4

2006: Not a good year for the right-to-die  movement

United States:  Vermont
United States:  California
United Kingdom

Bill to clarify Controlled Substances Act introduced

Controversy over arrests in alleged Katrina “euthanasia” cases
Study:  Doctors contribute to patients’ suicidal wishes

Dutch cost cutting could prove fatal

Dutch group reports euthanasia of 12-year-old and jump in euthanasia cases

Swiss look to curb “death tourism”

Functional MRI tests indicate vegetative state patient is aware

Texas futile care law under fire

News notes

Canadian lawmaker plans to reintroduce euthanasia/PAS bill
Australian parliament member defies ban on giving “how to” information
Nitschke introduces “peaceful pill” for suicide
British patient loses bid to request food and fluids in advance of disability
Haleigh Poutre, once judged “virtually brain, dead” can now speak a few word

Update 39: Volume 20, Number 5 – Year 2006, Number 5

U.K. doctors’ group wants debate on the killing of disabled babies

British bioethics council issues blanket guidelines on premature babies

Oregon plays word games with assisted suicideStudy finds cancer patients more than twice as likely to commit suicide

Dignitas moves to offer depressed suicide aid

Dutch film aims to make euthanasia decisions easier…and sooner

Euthanasia death toll spikes in Belgium

Experimenting with live patients (by Wesley J. Smith)

Computerized brain connections show better quality of life in ALS patients

News notes

World Federation of Right to Die Societies conference
Euthanasia proposals in Australia
Nitschke continues to test authorities
North Korea routinely killing disabled babies
British judge orders treatment, not dehydration