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Update 32: Volume 19, Number 1 — Year 2005, Number  1

Special Report: Dutch euthanasia law exists to protect doctors, not patients

Dijkuis Commission
Groningen Protocol

Belgium in lock step with the Netherlands

In Memoriam: Terri Schindler Schiavo 1963-2005

California, Hawaii & Vermont say “NO” to assisted-suicide bills this year


Oregon family leaks PAS failure: Compassion & Choices’ veracity questioned by newspaper

Oregon releases 2004 stats on reported PAS deaths

Pushing Infanticide: From Holland to New Jersey  by Wesley J. Smith

Lords: Euthanasia/PAS should be debated in Parliament session

Disabled man’s right to life challenged in U.K.

Update 33: Volume 19, Number 2 — Year 2005, Number  2

U.S. Supreme Court: ITF submits amicus brief in Gonzales v. Oregon

Background on Gonzales v. Oregon
ITF’s amicus curiae brief
Summary of Argument
Argument I: Ashcroft Directive does not criminalize assisted suicide
Argument IV: Oregon law not wholly intrastate in nature

Terri’s autopsy: Key questions still unanswered

The eating disorder theory
More questions
Governor calls for investigation
Was Terri PVS?

California’s assisted suicide bill down for the count in 2005

Schiavo-inspired laws opposed by AMA

False Federalism  by Wesley J. Smith

Canadian PAS bill introduced

Australia clamps down on Nitschke’s web suicide trade

British & New Zealand doctors take different stands on euthanasia and assisted suicide

British court reverses Leslie Burke ruling

Swiss government panel says assisted suicide should remain legal

Update 34: Volume 19, Number 3 — Year 2005, Number  3

Dutch studies don’t tell whole story about euthanasia practice

Editorial questions validity
Euthanasia for children

Britain & Canada to debate assisted suicide

Marketing death

Peter Singer: Sanctity of life will be destroyed

Missouri cutbacks target feeding tubes, equipment

Cranford & Schiavo honored at ethics conference