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Update 27: Volume 17, Number 1 — Year 2003, Number  1

The fight to save Terri Schiavo’s life

Michael and the Schindlers go to court
Litigation nightmare
The hearing
Judge Greer issues death sentence
Question of abuse surfaces

The Terri Schiavo Case Timeline 2000 – Present

Countries clamp down on assisted-suicide trade


Australia’s Dr. Death: Supported by the Hemlock Society; by Wesley Smith

Swiss assisted-suicide group attracts foreign, vulnerable patients

Doctors found to take DNR orders too far

News Notes: Hawaii, Vermont, France

Update 28: Volume 17, Number 2 — Year 2003, Number 2

Hemlock is as Hemlock does: Euthanasia group tries to change its image

A matter of semantics
Revamping advance directives
“Statement of Principles”
Hemlock by any other name is still Hemlock
Actions, not words

Oregon: Record number of assisted-suicide deaths

Data retrieval

Oregon cuts care, but pays for assisted suicide

Reports indicate Dutch doctors breaking new euthanasia/assisted suicide law

“Suicide consultant” given suspended sentence for violating Dutch law

“Tired of life” no grounds for euthanasia

Swiss group responsible for deaths of non-terminally ill couple and others

Italy: Better pain relief needed for patients

Hungarian court rejects legal maneuver to decriminalize euthanasia

Australia’s Dr. Death thrives on controversy

Most UK doctors oppose assisted suicide

New Zealand Parliament to debate euthanasia

Doctor knows best…but it’ll be too late for you if he’s wrong; by Wesley Smith

2003 assisted-suicide bills languish in committees

North Carolina

Oral arguments heard in Oregon v. Ashcroft

Update 29: Volume 17, Number 3 — Year 2003, Number  3

The battle over Terri Schiavo’s life continues

Jeb Bush moves to protect Terri’s rights
Litigation continues

Who makes death decisions? by Rita Marker

The Guardian by Wesley J. Smith

All I ever wanted to do…  by Rus Cooper-Dowda

A “painless” death by Wesley J. Smith

ITF offers a protective advance health care directive