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Update 24: Volume 16, Number 1 — Year 2002, Number 1

Courts to determine if assisted suicide is “legitimate” under federal law

States cannot nullify federal law
What Ashcroft’s ruling means: The facts
Right-to-diers react to Ashcroft’s ruling
Oregon goes to court
Noteworthy comment

Power over Pain: New book on pain control

ABC News Poll: Most Americans don’t favor physician-assisted suicide

Hawaii: Assisted-suicide bill stalled in Senate

Oregon issues fourth flawed report on assisted suicide

Have death – will travel: Minister brings assisted suicide to Ireland

Dutch euthanasia law takes effect

Dutch euthanasia doctors having second thoughts

2 women battle for assisted suicide; 1 reconsiders choice

Court finds patient competent to stop treatment

License to kill — “Futile Care” by Wesley J. Smith

News Briefs: 2001 in Retrospect

Alaska Supreme Court upholds law banning assisted suicide
Internists take stand against assisted suicide
California Supreme Court upholds high standard in Wendland Case
Michigan Appellate Court rejects Kevorkian’s appeal for new trial

Update 25: Volume 16, Number 2 — Year 2002, Number  2

Special Report: The death that backfired on the right-to-die movement

Crick’s Internet diary
Bowel cancer
Orchestrated death campaign
An unexpected about-face?
Real motive revealed
Back in favor
Champagne, tea, sandwiches, death, and a round of applause
The next shock wave hits

Ashcroft Assisted-Suicide Directive Struck Down

European High Court Upholds British Law in Diane Pretty Case

Dutch Study on ALS Patients Disturbs Experts

Belgium Legalizes Euthanasia

Commentary: Assisted Suicide Seduction by Wesley J. Smith

Hawaiian Senate Resurrects, Then Narrowly Defeats, Assisted Suicide Bill

Ohio House OKs Bill against Assisted Suicide

California Senate Passes Bill to Study Policies on “Futile Care”

News Notes:

World Federation of Right to Die Societies’ Goals
Kevorkian Appeal Denied

Update 26: Volume 16, Number 3 — Year 2002, Number 3

Media reports false as briefs are filed in Oregon v. Ashcroft appeal

Federal government submits “Brief for Appellants”
ITF files brief in support of Ashcroft’s ruling

Death Tourism: One-way trip to Switzerland

Suicide aid advocates prepare for legal battle

Two studies published on assisted suicide in Oregon

Doctors of Death: Kaiser solicits its doctors to kill by Wesley J. Smith

Belguim claims first death under newly enacted euthanasia law

Nischke “forced” to create own suicide bag after ITF interview

New Dutch government to review euthanasia law

World Medical Association condemns euthanasia

Guernsey Parliament votes to study euthanasia

Doctor survives coma, sues hospital for advising famiy to withhold food

British doctors reaffirm assisted-suicide stance

Assisted-suicide petition presented to Tony Blair

Book Review: The Case against Assisted Suicide

News Notes