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Update 20: Volume 14, Number 1 — Year 2000, Number 1

Oregon’s second assisted-suicide report: Not the whole story

What’s in the report

What’s not in the report

Incomplete and inaccurate data
Data sources limited
Troubling PAS cases not reported or cited
Dutch study makes Oregon look bad
Another OHD omission

First 2 Years under Oregon’s PAS Law

2 deaths linked to suicide video broadcast

Portrait of a victim
Humphry’s response
Other deaths linked to book

Senate Judiciary passes PRPA

Commentary: Love, not poison pills: Oregon’s cause for shame; by N. Gregory Hamilton

State Legislative Digest

New Hampshire

World Focus


Nitschke gets OK for death clinics in Tasmania
Suicides among Australian youth increasing


Belgium considers euthanasia proposal


Ethics committee wants euthanasia “tolerated”

Great Britain

Elder abuse and involuntary euthanasia reported
Anti-euthanasia bill blocked in Parliament
BMA rejects physician-assisted suicide

The Netherlands

Clinical problems and complications associated with euthanasia and PAS
Euthanasia consultants: New government-sponsored specialty
Dutch study looks at termination of treatment decisions
Euthanasia society pushes induced-death “living will”


Scotland passes patient “incapacity” bill

Research in Review

Understanding burdens of terminal illness reduces depression in patients and caregivers
Errors in prognoses can adversely affect end-of-lie care

News Notes

Update 21: Volume 14, Number 2 — Year 2000, Number 2

Maine targeted to promote national right-to-die agenda

Funding of Maine’s assisted suicide proposal
Maine’s health care delivery crisis
Pressure to die

Painkilling drugs do not hasten death

Euthanasia and double effect
Findings support evidence

European patent denied for human euthanasia drug use

Euthanasia gurus meet to discuss ghoulish ways to die

Disability groups oppose assisted suicide; Not Dead Yet protests

Colorado appeals court upholds assisted suicide ban

AARP reports findings on death and dying

World Focus

Great Britain

High court judge rules boy must be left to die
Disabled boy’s relatives convicted for saving his life

The Netherlands

Child euthanasia proposal amended

Research in Review

Depressed patients less likely to follow doctors’ recommended treatment
Feeding tubes and less aggressive treatment urged for dementia patients
Dementia often misdiagnosed
Drug errors common in nursing homes

News Notes

Update 22: Volume 14, Number 3 — Year 2000, Number 3

Dutch Parliament votes to legalize euthanasia

What the new law entails
Reporting: Problematic
Euthanasia for minors
Euthanasia advance directives
Next: Those “suffering from life”

Maine voters reject “Death with Dignity” Referendum

The Oregon influence
Opposition coalition formed
Loss a matter of message, not money
Polls tell the story

Research in Review

Oncologists’ support for physician-assisted suicide & euthanasia drops dramatically
Terminally ill seldom consider assisted suicide or euthanasia for themselves
Vast majority of Jack Kevorkian’s “patients” had no terminal illness

World Focus


Home-grown poisons to be tested in secret lab
Charges in euthanasia case dropped


Doctors kill one in 10 Belgians

Great Britain

Brain-dead organ donors should receive painkillers
High court rules removing food & fluids not a violation of Human Rights Act


Zurich allows assisted suicide in homes for the elderly

News Notes