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Update 16: Volume 13, Number 1 — January-March 1999

Oregon’s PAS law spun to look good

The report’s findings
Flawed conclusions about a flawed law

Oregon death highlights discriminatory side of PAS law

Kevorkian: Guilty of Murder

The death
The trial
Closing Arguments
The verdict

New poll finds most think Kevorkian guilty…and more

What others had to say about the verdict

Kevorkian on Trial: The Death of Thomas Youk; by Herbert Hendin

Book Review of Freedom to Die

Research in Review (surveys & polls)

Race and sex biases found in cardiac treatment
Dutch euthanasia practice out of control


Doctor found guilty of starving patient – other cases investigated


Pro-euthanasia ads air on Australian TV


Assisted-suicide lawsuits filed in India

Update 17: Volume 13, Number 2 — April-June 1999

Federal pain bill gains support, bans drug use for assisted suicides

IAETF Special Report: Broad coalition opposes California PAS bill

Kevorkian imprisoned for murder of Thomas Youk

What others had to say about Kevorkian & his sentence

Kevorkian apprentice implicated in New Mexico death

Protests waged against Peter Singer

Research in Review (surveys & polls)

Dutch study calls for new euthanasia consultant specialty
Oregon psychologists polled on assisted suicide and state’s PAS law
Oregon report on end-of-life care shows need for improvement
Fear of pain may be worse than actual pain


British doctors to have final say over patients’ lives
Mother loses battle over disabled son’s care
British doctor acquitted of murdering patient


Euthanasia doctor opens mobile clinic


Supreme Court to hear Latimer appeal

Update 18: Volume 13, Number 3 — July-September 1999

Alaskan court rejects assisted-suicide constitutional challenge

The arguments
The decision

Maine PAS measure up for vote in 2000

Federal pain relief bill gaining momentum

Have poison, will travel: Fugitive Kevorian aide wanted for New Mexico murder

Kevorkian denied new trial, ordered to pay room and board

State Legislative Digest

North Dakota

Commentary: Safeguarding health care desicions by Rita L. Marker

Research in Review

Will to Live fluctuates among terminally ill
Two surveys show  problems with HMOs

World Focus

The Netherlands

Dutch government moves to decriminalize euthanasia
Assisted suicide for patient with dementia given okay

South Africa

South African Law Commission pushes bill with euthanasia “option”

News Notes

Update 19: Volume 13, Number 4 — October-December 1999

Debate over federal pain relief bill intensifies

PRPA opponents amplify objections
OMA fails to bet AMA to reverse stand
The battle wages on

Euthanasia activists show ghoulish side

Commentary: Pain Relief Promotion Act allows caring, not killing; by Rita L. Marker

Commentary: Suicide unlimited in Oregon; by Wesley J. Smith

Protective Guidelines Don’t Protect
Doctor Shopping Becomes the Key to Obtaining Death
HMOs Are a Lethal Part of the Mix

Woman comes out of “vegetative state” after 16 years

Research in Review

Dying patients used for practice
Medical errors cause death and injury
Racial inequities in pain treatment
Lack of coverage linked to poor health
Many doctors favor deceiving insurers to get coverage for patients

News Notes