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Update 1: Volume 10, Number 1 (January-March 1996)

Ninth Circuit creates constitutional “right to die”

IAETF video wins two national awards

Kevorkian acquitted of violating expired statute

Kevorkian and His Poisonous Gas: By Eric M. Chevlen

Honor thy father: A Klooster case update

IAETF submits brief on the constitutionality of Oregon’s assisted-suicide measure

States grapple with assisted suicide

Doctors in two states polled on assisted suicide

Commentary: No Blank Bullets: By Nancy Valko

Religious groups take positions on induced death practices

International News

Update 2: Volume 10, Number 2 (April 1996)

Second Circuit Court of Appeals rules NY assisted-suicide laws unconstitutional

Ninth Circuit may reconsider right-to-die ruling

What they’re saying about the two Circuit Court decisions….

Settlement reached in Klooster case

Increasing suicide rate among elderly

Assisted-suicide cases, current and pending

News from around the world

Legal news notes

Studies show patients’ preference for CPR and care

Medical news round-up


Update 3: Volume 10, Number 3 (May-June 1996)

15 states file joint brief in support of NY’s appeal to US Supreme Court

AMA resoundingly rejects physician-assisted suicide

Supreme Court extends stay on Ninth Circuit ruling

Judge Hogan stands firm on injunction barring Measure 16 from taking effect

Patients in pain less likely to favor euthanasia or assisted suicide

Kevorkian turns Michigan into death capital

Commentary: Not Dead Yet by Nat Hentoff

House subcommittee conducts hearing on assisted suicide (Short excerpts from some testimony)

Klooster case update: Ruth gets husband back

George Delury goes to jail and becomes celebrity spokesperson for right to die

Questionable survey published on nurses and euthanasia

The fate of Australia’s Northern Territory euthanasia law seriously in question

Canadian doctor charged with assisted suicide

Update 4: Volume 10, Number 4 (July-September 1996)

IAETF is on the World Wide Web

Kevorkian: A predator on the loose

Commentary: Controlling the fatal nudge. By Rita L. Marker

Depressed people seek out negative feedback

Major right-to-die cases: An update

Rhode Island passes law to ban assisted suicide

Oregon doctor accused of involuntary euthanasia

Tragedy compounded: Joe Cruzan commits suicide

Studies reveal disturbing facts and attitudes regarding PVS patients

Australia’s euthanasia law may be overturned

Doctors found age biased on DNR orders and health care provision

Update 5: Volume 10, Number 5 (October-November 1996)

U.S. Supreme Court to rule on constitutionality of assisted suicide

U.S. House subcommittee chair issues report on Dutch euthanasia and assisted suicide

Act to prohibit federal funding of assisted suicide introduced

Kevorkian saga continues: New deaths, new charges, new facts

Commentary: A High Quad Answers Kevorkian’s “Quality of Life” Theory. By Mark O’Brien

Hospice poll finds majority would not opt for assisted suicide

Most frail elderly oppose physician-assisted suicide and may be at odds with family members

A life in peril: Update on the Klooster case

Medical groups contemplate assisted suicide guidelines

Australia sees first euthanasia death as federal government moves to repeal law


Update 6: Volume 10, Number 6 (December 1996)

Special Report: Veterinary euthanasia drug may be intended for human use

Australian Parliament’s lower house passes bill to overturn NT euthanasia law

Dutch put a rosy spin on new euthanasia studies

Numerous briefs opposing assisted suicide reach U.S. Supreme Court

News Notes