Quality of Life “QALY” Ratings

“How Deeply Ableist is Mainstream Media”
(Not Dead Yet — July 19, 2020)
A man named Michael Hickson died on June 11, 2020.  He was denied food and fluids for 6 days.  He was a Black man.  His wife, Melissa, had ample evidence that his death was deliberate and was the result of prejudice.  Yet almost no stories in the mainstream media mention his death and outrage is coming from the disability rights movement and a few shocked ethicists.  Michael was quadriplegic.
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“Quadriplegic coronavirus patient, 46, dies after Texas hospital stop treating him because ‘it wouldn’t improve his quality of life'”
(Daily Mail — July 3, 2020)
Shortly after arriving, a physician told Michael Hickson’s wife, Melissa, that he didn’t think treatment would improve her husband’s quality of life due to his disabilities…
In a recorded video, the doctor told Melissa that patients who were being treated with a drug were “walking and talking” unlike her husband.
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“Peter Singer Endorses Medical Discrimination Against Elderly in COVID Crisis”
(National Review — June 11, 2020)

“Oklahoma Bans ‘Quality of Life’ Health-Care Rationing”
(National Review — May 26, 2020)