Peter Singer

Peter Singer holds a chaired professorship in bioethics at Princeton University. The former professor at Australia’s Monash University is now the Ira W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics at the University Center for Human Values. At Princeton, Singer molds and shapes the views of many future leaders in medicine, law, education and business.

Not suprisingly, his appointment was met with shock, dismay and protests. Peter Singer is an advocate of infanticide and euthanasia.

Disapproval of his views came from all quarters. In l997, when Singer was invited to address a Swedish book fair, Simon Wiesenthal, the world’s leading Nazi hunter, wrote to the organizers stating that “a professor of morals who justifies the right to kill handicapped newborns…is in my opinion unacceptable for representation at your level.”

“Some Flemish doctors support legalization of infanticide: survey”
(BioEdge — August 15, 2020)
“Almost nine out of ten respondents (89.1%) agree that in the event of a serious (non-lethal) neo-natal condition, administering drugs with the explicit intention to end neonatal life is acceptable.”
[But Belgium is not the only place infanticide is promoted.  Peter Singer, who holds a chaired professorship in bioethics at Princeton University justifies the right to kill handicapped newborns.]
More on Belgium

“Peter Singer Endorses Medical Discrimination Against Elderly in COVID Crisis”
(National Review — June 11, 2020)

“Is Age Discrimination Acceptable?”
(Project Syndicate — June 10, 2020)

“Disability Activists Urge Princeton University to Denounce Professor Peter Singer’s Comments, Call for His Resignation”
(Not Dead Yet — June 8, 2015)
Since 1980, Singer has promoted public policy that would legalize the killing of disabled infants in the first month of life.  More recently he has expanded his position in the context of health care rationing….In an article, Singer spoke hypothetically of assigning a life with quadriplegia as roughly half that of a life without any disability at all.  On this basis, Singer laid out a case for denying health care to people with significant disabilities on the basis that these lives have less value than the lives of nondisabled people.

“Professor, do your homework,” disability group tells Singer”
(BioEdge — May 8, 2015)
Klein elicited from [Princeton Professor Peter] Singer the claim that government-funded health care should include rationing and that we should acknowledge the necessity of “intentionally ending the lives of severely disabled infants.”

“Response to Controversial Peter Singer Interview”
(National Council on Disability  — April 23, 2015)

“Peter Singer: Great moral issues for the 21st century”
(ABC — Australia — July 24, 2013)
What are the tree great moral issues of our Time? According to Peter Singer they are extreme poverty, animal liberation and climate change.

“The Sanctity of Life: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow” by Peter Singer.
(Source: Foreign Policy, September/October 2005)
Singer, who advocates infanticide, euthanasia and bestiality, predicts that, by 2040, the sanctity of life ethic will be proven indefensible.  He states that it will be replaced by a new ethic in which society accepts the view that a person’s life does not begin until there is self-awareness and that euthanasia is a “right.”.

“The most influential philosopher alive” by Marvin Olasky
(Source: 12/2/04)
Singer says it’s ethical for parents to conceive and give birth to a child specifically to kill him, take his organs and transplant them into their ill older children.

“Unspeakable Conversations” by Harriet McBryde Johnson, an attorney and disability rights activist, writes of her debate with Peter Singer. (NY Times Magazine, 2/16/03)
“I can’t help being dazzled by his verbal facility….I have trouble with basing life-and-death decisions on market considerations when the market is structured by prejudice.”

Animal Crackers
(Source:  Wall Street Journal 3/30/01)
Princeton University’s Peter Singer, known for his promotion of euthanasia and infanticide, has now weighed in to support bestiality.

Protests waged against Peter Singer

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