Governor Bobby Jindal signs bill assuring health care for patients.
(June 6, 1014)
Under the new law, health insurance companies cannot deny health care based on an insured’s life expectancy or terminal medical condition if the treatment has been prescribed by a physician and agreed to by a fully informed patient.  According to its proponents the law is intended to prevent policies like those in Oregon that ration treatment for terminally ill patients.

Current law on assisted suicide:
La. Rev. Stat. § 14.32.12)
Criminal assistance to suicide is:
The intentional advising or encouraging of another person to commit
suicide or the providing of the physical means or the knowledge of such
means to another person for the purpose of enabling the other person to
commit or attempt to commit suicide.
The intentional advising, encouraging, or assisting of another person to
commit suicide, or the participation in any physical act which causes,
aids, abets, or assists another person in committing or attempting to
commit suicide.
(“Suicide” means the intentional and deliberate act of taking one’s own
life through the performance of an act intended to result in death.)