Current Iowa law regarding assisted suicide:
A person commits a class “C” felony if the person intentionally or knowingly assists, solicits, or incites another person to commit or attempt to commit suicide, or participates in a physical act by which another person commits or attempts to commit suicide.
Iowa Code § 707A.2

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2021 Prescribed Suicide Bill
Senate File 212
Text of bill

2020 – Doctor-Prescribed Suicide Bills
Senate File 2156
Text of bill
House File 2302
Text of bill
Both bills were declared dead on February 21, 2020.

2019 – Doctor-Prescribed Suicide Bills
Senate File 175
Text of bill
House File  374
Text of bill

2017 – 2018 Doctor-Prescribed Suicide Bills
Senate File 215
Text of bill
House File 299
Text of bill
Neither bill received a public hearing in 2017, but both were carried over to 2018. Neither passed in 2018.

2016 Doctor-Prescribed Suicide Bill
Senate File 2051
Text of bill
Analysis of bill
The bill failed to pass.

An Oregon-style doctor-prescribed suicide bill (House File 65), titled the “Iowa Death with Dignity Act,” has been introduced in Iowa.
Text of HF 65
Analysis of HF 65

“Suicide deaths up 22 percent in Iowa”
(KCRG — August 31, 2016)
Starting Monday, Iowa plans to put a renewed focus on preventing suicide in the state after seeing a 22 percent increase in suicide-related deaths.

“‘Exit plan’ for terminally ill may bypass lawmakers”
(Des Moines Register — March 20, 2016)
To make a right to die a reality in Iowa, Holm would mimic a legal effort that succeeded in Montana.
The bottom line: She doesn’t believe people who want to end their suffering before the final stages of a terminal illness should be forced to resort to more  harrowing, gruesome forms of suicide.
She has sought assistance from sympathetic groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union and Compassion & Choices.

“Branstad won’t support Death with Dignity bill”
(Des Moines Register — March 7, 2016)
Gov. Terry Branstad on Monday dismissed an Iowa Senate bill proposing a so-called “Death with Dignity” law….It can’t advance this session. However, Sen. Joe Belkcom, D-Iowa City, a lead sponsor of the bill, says he hopes to spur discussion on the issue in this year’s election campaigns and he plans to reintroduce the proposal in the 2017 legislative session.