HB 1074, a bill to permit prescribing lethal drugs for the purpose of suicide, has again been introduced in Indiana.
Text of HB 1074

HB 1020, a bill to permit doctor-prescribed suicide bill, called “Medical Aid in Dying” has been introduced in Indiana.
Text of HB 1020

Two doctor-prescribed suicide bills were introduced in Indiana. Both bills failed.
Text of HB 1184
Text of SB 300

A doctor-prescribed-suicide bill (HB 1157) was introduced in January 2018 but no action was taken on the bill.
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Two doctor-prescribed suicide bills (SB 273 and HB 1561) were introduced in Indiana.  
No public hearing was held on either bill.
Text of SB 273
Analysis of SB 273

Text of HB 1561

Current Indiana Law
A person who has knowledge that another person intends to commit or attempt to commit suicide and who intentionally does either of the following commits assisting suicide, a Class C felony:
Provides the physical means by which the other person attempts or commits suicide,
Participates in a physical act by which the other person attempts or commits suicide.
Indiana Code § 35-42-1-2.5

News Articles

“Indiana Medical Association Votes Against Physician Assisted Death”
(Indiana Public Media — October 3, 2016)
The Indiana State Medical Association officially voiced its opposition to physician-assisted suicide during its annual convention in Indianapolis….”Will government and insurance companies do the right thing — pay for treatment costing thousands of dollars — or the cheap thing — pay for lethal drugs costing hundreds of dollars?” ISMA stated in a press release.

“Daughter vows to fight on for her gravely ill Carmel father”
(Indianapolis Star — January 16, 2013)
Susan Rissman vows the the fight to keep her father Paul G. Smith alive is not over — despite a ruling Wednesday….At the hearing Dr. Anthony Martin admitted he had Rissman removed from the hospital Sunday and barred from returning after learning she allowed Smith to be videotaped asking for food and water.