“French Families Challenge Doctors on Wrenching End-of-Life Decisions”
(New York Times — July 31, 2014)
At least seven times, alone and in secret, Dr. Nicolas Bonnemaison prepared a lethal dose of sedative and quietly ended the life of a comatose patient in his care….For patients unable to communicate, such decisions fall legally to the physician….The opinions of family members and fellow doctors must be heard, the law states, but by no means obeyed.

“French doctor acquitted of poisoning charges after giving lethal injections”
(Guardian — June 25, 2014)
A French doctor has been acquitted of poisoning charges after giving lethal injections to seven terminally ill patients.  Coming a day after France’s top administrative court ordered an end to the treatment of a comatose man — a decision later blocked by the European court of human rights — the rulings cast new light on the legal struggle over medical treatments for the terminally ill or patients in vegetative states.

“French doctors endorse euthanasia”
(BioEdge — February 15, 2013)
France’s peak medical body, the Conseil national de l’ordre des medecins (CNOM, the national council of physicians) has endorsed euthanasia.  This marks the first time that a French medical body has taken this step.