“How a Republican Congress Can Protect Health-Care Workers from the Biggest Federal Erasure of Their Conscience Rights Ever”
(The Federalist — May 19 , 2022)
Under a proposed rule removal by the Biden administration’s Health and Human Services Department (HHS), health care workers will have little recourse if their medical school, employer, or state insists that they participate in procedures or referrals to which they object.

The rule in question has been a political football for the last four presidential administrations, but the current action on the part of HHS is potentially more extreme….

“Anti-Conscience Mandates Force Doctors to Violate Their Religious Beliefs”
(The Epoch Times — October 21, 2021)
Coercion is becoming¬† ubiquitous in medicine.¬† It’s not just vaccine mandates.¬† Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists who oppose morally contentious medical procedures are increasingly being forced to choose between remaining in their professions and violating their deepest-held religious beliefs.