Two bills (both carried over to 2018)  related to doctor-prescribed suicide were introduced in Michigan.
HB No. 4461, titled the “Death with Dignity Act.”
Text of HB 4461
Analysis of HB 4461
HB No. 4462 which amends the code of criminal procedure.
Text of HB 4462

2016 bill
The bill (HB 5802) would transform the crime of assisted suicide into a “medical treatment.”  The bill did not pass.


“Assisted suicide up for consideration, again”
(Detroit Free Press — April 1, 2017)
Michigan became inextricably linked with the assisted-suicide movement because of Dr. Jack Kevorkian, a retired Royal Oak pathologist who assisted in about 130 cases of euthanasia beginning in 1990.

“Bill legalizing assisted suicide gets new life in Lansing”
(August 14, 2016)
In the one day the Legislature was scheduled in session during August, a pair of bills legalizing assisted suicide was introduced by a pair of Democrats — State Reps. Sam Singh of East Lansing and Tom Cochran of Mason.
The bill (HB 5803) would remove penalties for the crime of assisting a suicide from the Michigan code of criminal procedure.

“A Plea For Assisted Suicide: Terminally Ill Woman Wants To Donate Organs”
(Fox17 — Michigan– August 7, 2013)
As she nears her death, Sherri Muzher is asking for help to end her live so she can donate her organs.

“Medical personnel need protection of conscience clauses”
(Michigan Live — December 26, 2011)
All of us assume, in this country, that you cannot be coerced to do or participate in an act contrary to your faith, beliefs or morals.  The one group of people that this statement may no longer hold true for is medical personnel….[T]he federal conscience clause has been shredded and the state of Michigan does not have a conscience clause protecting health care workers.


Analysis of Proposal B Documented analysis of Proposal B – Michigan’s 1998 assisted suicide ballot initiative.

Text of Proposal B Full 12,000 word text of Michigan’s 1998 ballot initiative to legalize assisted suicide.

In depth look at Michigan’s Proposal B The war of words, the campaign, the proponents and opponents, the “Kevorkian loophole.”

Events leading to initiative News about background of ballot measure to permit Kevorkian type activities.

Jack Kevorkian Kevorkian’s background, writing, activities, victims, plans. etc.

Trial for Kevorkian Kevorkian to go on trial again.

Kevorkian’s lawyer campaigns Geoffrey Fieger fighting for his political life

Kevorkian’s lawyer as candidate for governor Detroit Free Press in-depth interview with Geoffrey Fieger.

Fieger’s misconduct prompts mistrial Kevorkian’s attorney uses misconduct to prevent trial from taking place.