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Current Maine Law
A person is guilty of aiding or soliciting suicide if he intentionally aids or solicits another to commit suicide, and the other commits or attempts suicide. (MRSA title 17-A, § 204)

An Oregon-style doctor-prescribed suicide bill, titled “An Act to Support Death with Dignity,” (LD 347)  has been introduced in Maine.
Text of bill
Analysis of bill

An addition bill which is virtually identical to LD 347 but titled, “An Act to Promote Life with Dignity,” (LD 1066) has also been introduced in Maine.
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Analysis of bill


In 2015, an Oregon-style doctor-prescribed suicide bill, S.B. 452 (LD 1270), titled “An Act Regarding Patient-directed Care at the End of Life,” was introduced in Maine. It failed to gain approval.
Text of S.B. 452 (LD 1270)
Analysis of S.B. 452 (LD 1270)

In 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1999 legislative proposals to legalize assisted suicide were introduced.  All of them failed.  In November 2000, the “Maine Death with Dignity Act” — a measure that was virtually identical to Oregon’s assisted-suicide law — appeared on the Maine ballot.  On November 7, 2000, despite campaigning by Oregon’s governor for it, Maine voters said NO to Oregon-style assisted suicide.

Analysis of November 2000 Voter Initiative

Text of November 2000 “Death with Dignity Act”

Maine targeted to promote national right-to-die agenda
In 2000, assisted suicide activists from around the country poured funds into the Maine initiative campaign.

In 2013, a doctor-prescribed suicide bill was proposed in the Maine legislature.
On Monday, June 3, 2013, the bill, LD 1065, An Act for Patient-directed Care at the End of Life, sponsored by Rep. Joe Brooks of Winterport, ME, was soundly defeated.
On May 31, 2013, the Maine House of Representatives voted 95-43 to support the Committee Majority Report of OUGHT NOT TO PASS, following some emotional testimony on both sides.  On June 3, 2013, the Maine Senate approved the Majority Report of OUGHT NOT TO PASS with no floor discussion.
Text of LD 1065


“Assisted suicide bill fails in Maine legislature”
(Press Herald — June 17, 2015)
Maine lawmakers have defeated a bill that would have allowed doctors to provide lethal doses of medication to terminally ill patients.

“Maine gov orders state to back mom in legal battle over baby’s DNR order”
(Fox News — September 5, 2014)
Maine Gov. Paul LePage reversed state bureaucrats and vowed to defy a state Supreme Court ruling if necessary to back a teen mom seeking to lift a “Do Not Resuscitate” order from her one-year-old baby, who was allegedly shaken into a coma but miraculously recovered.

“Bill allowing doctor-assisted suicide has troubling aspects”
(Lewiston Sun Journal — April 28, 2013)
For someone dealing with a new diagnosis without proper supports,trying to navigate the bureaucracy while trying to obtain mobility devices or other items critical to daily living, one can see how vulnerable patients may see assisted suicide as an easier choice.