Alzheimer’s Disease


“How the Medicaid Debate Affects Long-Term Care Insurance Decisions”
(New York Times — July 14, 2017)
Susan Flanders, a retired Episcopal priest who watched her father die slowly while in the throes of Alzheimer’s, believes that the aid-in-dying movement will eventually catch up to the desire of many people to make plans in advance to end their lives, should their minds permanently falter in a severe fashion.
She’s also utterly unafraid to mix money into the conversation…”It’s hundreds of dollars each day that could go towards their grandchildren’s education or care for people who could get well…”. How soon will the federal and state governments come around….

“N.S. man pleads for euthanasia laws to end sister’s suffering”
(Atlantic CTV News — June 25, 2014)
A Bedford, N.S. man would like the province to adopt euthanasia laws so he can end the life of his sister who is living with Alzheimer’s.

“Alzheimer’s treatment breakthrough: British scientists pave way for simple pill to cure disease”
(The Independent — October 10, 2013)
Scientists have hailed an historic “turning point” in the search for a medicine that could beat Alzheimer’s disease, after a drug-like compound was used to halt brain cell death in mice for the first time.