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Update 40: Volume 21, Number 1 – Year 2007, Number 1

Switzerland: An appointment with death

The law
Federal court ruling

Dignitas: A one-way ticket to Zurich

Dignitas criticized
Swiss issue meaningless “guidelines”

New round of assisted-suicide bills introduced


Proper end-of-life opioid use does not hasten death

Oregon’s health care rationing plan for poor and uninsured in trouble

“Assisted Suicide is SUICIDE” by Rita L. Marker and Wesley J. Smith

Dutch court allows suicide aid by non-physician

Fear of death linked to doctors’ hastening deaths of ill and disabled newborns

Euthanasia bill introduced in Australia Australia bans Nitschke’s how-to suicide book

News notes

Michigan: Jack Kevorkian
Ireland: George Exoo

Update 41: Volume 21, Number 2 – Year 2007, Number 2

Assisted-suicide advocates fail to advance bill in California

AB 374
Battling for votes
Deadly flaws in AB 374
The defeat

Vermont legislature kills assisted-suicide bill

Washington ex-governor pushes plan for PAS voter initiative in 2008

Oregon issues truncated assisted-suicide report

Troubling cases revealed in research examining PAS & palliative care

Kevorkian’s back in the limelight, but many aren’t smiling

New Dutch report shows terminal sedation deaths on the rise

Poll: Americans divided on PAS legalization, but most would not choose it

News notes

Australia, New Zealand & Nitschke
Britons die at hands of Swiss strangers
Infanticide in Belgium
Canadian poll
Texas: Futile Care law

Update 42: Volume 21, Number 3 – Year 2007, Number 3

New euthanasia/assisted-suicide study draws international criticism

The study
Questionable data
Questionable conclusions
A case of bias

Case highlights ethical erosion of assisted suicide

Board’s inaction

Oregon has “serious problem with suicide”Final Exit Network’s “exit guides” involved in Phoenix death

Compassion & Choices establishes 1-800 suicide-aid line in California

Fate of U. S. Minister rests on extradition hearing in Irish assisted-suicide case

The right-to-die connection
Date with death
Extradition hearing

Transplant surgeon charged with hastening death to retrieve organsVatican issues definitive answers to food and fluids questions

News notes

Swiss suicide clinic
U.S. depression study
World Health Organization depression study
Nitschke’s “Peaceful Pill”
New Orleans grand jury decides not to indict in Katrina deaths
Patients in Persistent Vegetative State (PVS)may be misdiagnosed
Man diagnosed as PVS walks out of Arizona hospital