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Update 30: Volume 18, Number 1 — Year 2004, Number  1

Assisted-suicide advocates lose another round in targeted state legislatures


Oregon’s reported assisted-suicide body count hits 171 in 2003

Oregon’s suicide drug of choice neither pleasant nor cheap
CID maintains network of willing PAS doctors and pharmacists

Disabled man in UK fears for his life

David Glass: A related case

Pope speaks out on PVS and food & fluids

Euthanasia bill studied in House of Lords

Euthanasia advocate found guilty in NZ

Swiss medical advisory group reverses assisted-suicide policy

Swiss prosecutor moves to outlaw “suicide tourism”

Belgium on fast track down euthanasia’s slippery slope

Council of Europe defers euthanasia debate

Latest on Terri Schiavo Case

Update 31: Volume 18, Number 2 — Year 2004, Number  2

Ninth Circuit Appeals Court sides with Oregon over Ashcroft Directive

Majority opinion
Dissenting Opinion

Case proves Oregon assisted-suicide law flawed

“Terri’s Law” ruled unconstitutional

U.S. reaction to Vatican’s stand on provision of food and fluids

Right-to-die groups to merge

Australia: Nitschke ramps up efforts to circumvent law

Nancy Crick
Bill threatens Nitschke’s operation
The “Peaceful Pill”

Dutch continue to rationalize and expand induced death practice

Terminal sedation
Euthanasia reporting declines
OK given to euthanize patients with dementia

Compassionate or Callous? Approaches to Alzheimer’s by Wesley J. Smith

Bulgaria imposes ban on euthanasia

Euthanasia bill defeated in South Australia