Suicide awareness, consequences and statistics

“Suicide rate rises steeply in US”
(BioEdge — June 9, 2018)
Suicide is now the tenth leading cause of death for Americans.  Suicide, Alzheimer’s and overdoses are the only causes of death which are increasing… [M]any who die this way did not have a diagnosed condition.
[Note:  The number of people who die from assisted suicide in states where the practice is legal are not included in these statistics since death certificates list the cause of death as the underlying medical condition.]

“More Americans Are Dying From Suicide”
(The Atlantic — June 8, 2018)
[T]he rising suicide rate in nearly all populations in the U.S. suggests that this is a public health problem facing the entire country, regardless of demographics.

“Suicide: Consequences”
Suicide and Suicide Attempts Take an Enormous Toll on Society
(Center for Disease Control and Prevention — 2017))

“Six Things You Need to Know about Physician-Assisted Suicide”
(The Public Discourse — December 19, 2017)
Is the real healthcare crisis not enough physician-assisted suicide laws?  Or is it the staggering and increasing number of people losing their battles with mental illness and committing suicide.

Information about suicide and depression