A doctor-prescribed suicide bill SB 261, has been introduced in Nevada.
Text of SB 261
Analysis of SB 261

A doctor-prescribed suicide bill, SB 336, was introduced in Nevada.  It failed to pass.
Text of SB 336.
Analysis of SB 336.


“‘Death with dignity’ bill dies in Nevada Legislature”
(Las Vegas Review Journal — April 9, 2015)
State Sen. David Parks, D-Las Vegas, was the primary sponsor of Senate Bill 336…”We’ll try again next time,” Parks said, referring to the next legislative session in 2017.

“Nevada state senator plans to introduce right-to-die bill”
(Reno Gazette — January 20, 2014)
Nevada Sen. David Parks, plans to introduce a bill at the 2015 that would give terminally ill patients the ability to voluntarily end their lives.The bill is expected to be modeled after Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act.