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Statistics on Elder Abuse
(Posted July 29, 2017)
Elder abuse is any physical or psychological abuse of an older person.

“Renowned Neurosurgeon on Assisted Dying and His ‘Suicide Kit'”
(Medscape — April 27, 2017)
British neurosurgeon Henry Marsh favors euthanasia and assisted suicide.  He calls arguments against the practices grotesque.
“They argue that grannies will be made to commit suicide,” he said.  “Even if a few grannies get bullied into it, isn’t that the price worth paying for all the people who could die with dignity?”

“District Attorney Forms Elder Abuse Division”
(Nursing Home Law Center — April 26, 2016)
Preying on the elderly is a common problem in every city in the United States, including Las Vegas, where predators often attack the most vulnerable members of society.

“Elder Guardianship: A Shameful ‘Racket'”
(Diane Dimond — February 20, 2016)
Betty Winstanley is a well-spoken, elegant and wealthy 94-year-old widow.  And as she told me from her room at the Masonic Village retirement facility Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, “I feel like I am in prison. My life is a living hell.”
Welcome to America’s twisted world of court-appointed guardians for the elderly

“Ten Percent of Elders Abused”
(National Review — November 14, 2015)
The NEJM warns that 10 percent of older Americans are abused….Know this. Assisted suicide legalization will lead to the ultimate elder abuse — pressured death, and all under the color of law.

“Elder Abuse: The Size of the Problem”
(National Center on Elder Abuse)
The most recent major studies on incidence reported that 7.6% – 1o% of study participants experienced abuse in the prior year.  The study found an incidence of 1 in 10 adults experiencing abuse did not include financial abuse.
In the only national study that attempted to define the scope of elder abuse, the vast majority of abusers were family members (approximately 90%) most often adult children, spouses, partners, and others.