“Millions Shelter To Protect The Elderly, But Biden Advisor Thinks Old People Should Just Die”
(The Federalist — April 22, 2020)
“NBC News and MSNBC recently announced that Ezekiel Emanuel, the chief Obamacare architect and brother of President Obama’s chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, has been hired as a ‘medical contributor.’ Presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden has also tapped Emanuel as a health care advisor.”….
“Now seems a good time to remember that Emanuel believes people — particularly the aged — who aren’t contributing materially to society should get out of the way for the benefit of the strong.”

“NY issues do-not-resuscitate guidelines for cardiac patients amid coronavirus”
(New York Post — April 21, 2020)
“While paramedics were previously told to spend up to 20 minutes trying to revive people found in cardiac arrest, the change is ‘necessary during the COVID-19 response to protect the health and safety of EMS providers by limiting their exposure, conserve resources, and ensure optimal use of equipment to save the greatest number of lives,’ according to a state Health Department memo issued last week.
“First responders were outraged over the move.”
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“What Covid-19 has revealed about euthanasia”
(Spiked — April 14, 2020)
“It will surprise some that in the Netherlands,  the only dedicated clinic providing euthanasia and assisted suicide has closed….In Canada, health authorities said that MAID is being cut back along with other ‘elective services.’ …To shut down euthanasia clinics and services because of the danger of infection from Covid-19 means that those who perform euthanasia no longer believe that their services are necessary….”

Have you called someone who lives alone?
“How the Coronavirus Pandemic Fuels America’s Loneliness Epidemic”
(U.S. News — April 7, 2020)
“[T]he Coronavirus pandemic has created a paradox: Because data indicates the virus has a disproportionate, more severe impact on seniors — as well as those with chronic, underlying health conditions — isolation ‘just becomes another compounder’….[T]here’s a difference between being lonely and being alone.”

“Covid-19 — an oblique view on who shall live and who shall die”
(British Medical Journal — April 1, 2020) [The author is the former editor of the BMJ]
“The day before Boris Johnson announced a lockdown, I sat in a theatre in Tonbridge and watched my brother, Nicholas, playing a Nazi doctor, the director of a clinic for severely disabled children who were being systematically murdered…. [W]e are led to think about the related dilemmas of our own age and our own attitudes to things like assisted dying and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) putting a pound figure to human life.

“Legislators need to see our tears”
(CT Mirror — March 27, 2020)
“During this time, when the State Capitol complex is closed and legislators are voting by telephone, some people are proposing that critical issues be brought to a vote without a public hearing….According to Sen. Haskell, legalizing doctor-assisted suicide is so critical that it must be pushed through immediately….Trying to preempt opposition under the guise of social distance can only be described as opportunistic.
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“Henry Ford Health officials confirm letter outlining life and death protocols for COVID-19”
(Detroit Free Press — March 27, 2020)
“Patients who have the best chance of getting better are our first priority.  Patients will be evaluated for the best plan of care and dying patients will be provided comfort care….Patients who are not eligible for ICU or ventilator care will receive treatment for pain control and comfort measures. Some conditions that are likely to may [sic] make you not eligible include:
. Severe heart, lung, kidney or liver failure
. Terminal cancers
. Severe trauma or burns
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“HHS Warns States Not to Put People with Disabilities at the Back of the Line for Care”
(NPR — March 28, 2020)
On Saturday, the HHS Office for Civil Rights put out guidance saying states, hospitals and doctors cannot put people with disabilities or older people at the back of the line for care.

“People with disabilities are afraid they will be denied health care because of coronavirus”
(USA Today — March 26, 2020)
“A number of states, including Utah, Tennessee and Alabama, have emergency contingency plans that direct hospitals not to provide medical equipment, such as ventilators, to people with certain intellectual and cognitive disabilities, should that become scarce….”

“Preventing Discrimination in the Treatment of Covid-19 Patients: The Illegality of Medical Rationing on the Basis of Disability”
(Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund — March 25, 2020)
Documented paper on legal aspects of civil and human rights of people with disabilities.

“Coronavirus crisis: The wrong way to decide which patients get hospital care”
(New York Post — March 19, 2020)
At a hospital in New York City an intensive-care-unit physician faces a terrible dilemma.  There are two coronavirus patients in a severe situation, both competing for only one available ICU bed and ventilator.
Who should get the bed?